Thanks for dropping by my blog. My name is Flemming Harms and I’m an old school developer trying to keep up with the latest technology trends. I can honestly say that I have failed thus far!

Now I have said that, I can talk about my interests.

I’m a devoted Java developer and most of my working life has been spent working with Java Enterprise software. I advocate for open source and contribute back to various communities when time permits. Funnily enough, I found out the best way to learn and get help is to give something back to the community.

My blog posts are centred on experience I have encountered from my work life with different technologies. My blog posts are not step-by-step guides; there are plenty of other good blogs that are doing that. I call them git blogs because they are typical followed by a short code example that you can play around with. I try to keep my posts “short” just to explain what I found out as well as the solution.

I divide my posts into 5 sections to make them more readable.

  • The goal is
  • What I found out
  • The solution
  • Where do I find the code
  • What I learnt

Happy reading and coding :)

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